Your Vehicle's Alternator? What is its Purpose?

There are a variety of components in your vehicle that make it run, and it is important to keep each piece of equipment in optional condition to extend the life of your vehicle. At Bob Brady Mitsubishi in Decatur, IL, we have summarized some information about your vehicle's alternator.

A vehicle has a starting system that includes a starter, battery, and alternator. The alternator will keep the battery charged when the engine is running, and it will also keep electrical components, such as windshield wipers, working correctly. There are some ways that you can tell if your alternator is bad that include dim lights, a smell that resembles burning rubber, and a shrieking noise coming from the engine. In addition, if the instruments and gauges do not work properly, it could also mean that your alternator needs to be inspected.

If you need to have your alternator inspected, stop by our service center at Bob Brady Mitsubishi in Decatur, IL.

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